About us

Modafigura.com went live in 2009 and is the fastest growing company in the lifestyle category worldwide. We offer online shopping that is stylish, trendy and reliable, the Shopping that is light on your pockets, the Shopping that offers all of your favourite brands and more, the Shopping that is simpler, easier, faster and always Online.

At MODA, we understand shopping better, and therefore, we strive to offer you the best of fashion and elegance.


We design, make, buy and sell hand embroidered customized clothing, readymade dresses, imitation or artificial jewellery, handicraft gift items and accessories.

Moda, the Online Shopping store, brings to you the chicest collection of latest apparels, accessories, jewelleries and more. Like you, we too follow the latest in fashion trends and it just helps us bring over thousands of new products exclusively selected for you. While you take the best, we keep looking at what newer designs and styles.

Our Services at your Doorsteps

You make up your mind on a product, order it online in few easy clicks, and we deliver it right at your address across the world.

Moda Figura- the 24 x7 Online Fashion & Lifestyle Store for everyone

Our Mission is:

To provide best value for money to our customers
To provide fastest shipping for our customer orders
To provide widest range of choices for our customers
To enable our brand partners to reach the widest audience
To enable us meet our mission, we undertake some unique tasks in the industry.



MODA business model incorporates the entire clothes-making process from procurement of materials, product planning, development and manufacture through distribution and retail to inventory management.

Research & Development (Designers/Pattern Makers)

Moda Figura centers continually research the latest fashions and lifestyles from around the world as well as look for new materials.
R&D designers meet with representatives from the merchandising, marketing, materials development and production departments to discuss and finalize concepts for upcoming seasons. Then MODA's R&D centers prepare designs and continue to refine samples until each product is finalized.

Procurement of Materials

We procure / buy raw materials such as fabrics, threads, embroidery materials, stones, beads etc. for making high quality products. We also buy readymade items from local suppliers to sell.


Merchandisers play a vital role from product planning through production. After meeting with the R&D designers, merchandisers then apply the concepts for each season in product plans, materials and designs.

Next, merchandisers decide the product lineup and volume for each season, paying close attention to a detailed marketing strategy.

One other important task for our merchandisers is to decide when to increase or reduce production during a season. Decisions to adjust production in line with demand are made jointly with the product planning department.

Production Department (Quality and Production Control)

Moda Figura deploys skilled staff or expert textile artisans to check the quality of raw material and final product. Customer concerns regarding quality are communicated immediately to production departments, and improvements made.

Inventory Control

The Inventory Control department maintains the optimum level of store inventory by monitoring sales and stock on a weekly basis, and dispatching necessary inventory and new products to fulfill product orders.

At the end of each season, merchandisers and the marketing department help coordinate the timing of markdowns and limited-period sales (20 to 40% off the regular price) to ensure that inventory is sold out.


Each season, MF conducts promotional campaigns for core products such Indian bridal and traditional embroidered outfits. During the campaigns, MF advertises these core products' unique qualities and newsworthy features by showing videos and physical products.

Online Store

We also offer online sales worldwide.

Customer Center

The Customer Center receives comments and requests annually from customers and we act on them to help improve products, stores and services.

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